High Quality Crawler Rotary Drilling Machine For Sale

Which Drilling Rig Machine Should You Choose?

Drilling type Soil type Annotation
Rotary drilling rig machine Soft rock The effective depth of 5000 meters, can be inclined or horizontal drilling
Down-the-hole drilling Hard and cracked rocks (limestone, granite, etc.) Up to 4000 meters deep
Top hammer drilling Mixed soil Small diameter (up to 150 mm), shallow depth
Spiral drilling rig machine Clay, clay sand, gravel Depth of tens of meters
Core drilling rig machine All soil types Soil analysis drilling, capable of oblique drilling
Percussion drilling Hard rock: sandstone, limestone, shale Depth up to 100 meters
Sink drilling Clay, clay sand, gravel Horizontal or vertical pipe drilling

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Rotary Drilling Rig Machine

This type of drilling rig machine uses a tool to grind the rock to drill a hole under the action of weight and rotation. Mainly used in oil production. The cuttings are brought to the surface under the pressure of the drilling fluid injected into the drill string. The drilling fluid also helps to consolidate the borehole wall, so there is no need to treat the borehole wall during operation.

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High Quality Crawler Rotary Drilling Machine For Sale
High Quality Crawler Rotary Drilling Machine For Sale

DTH Drilling (Rotary Percussion Drilling Or Rotary Hammer Drilling)

This drilling method uses a drill and a rotary cutter (drill bit) is used for drilling. And punch the bottom of the hole with a pneumatic hammer. The excavated material rises to the ground under the pressure of compressed air with a hammer. This type of drilling rig is powerful and has a high drilling speed, especially in rocks. For artesian wells (wells in which water naturally rises to the surface under groundwater pressure) or geothermal drilling, air injection at the end of the drill pipe pushes the water up the hole. This allows the operator to immediately determine the water flow encountered.

This type of borehole drilling rig machine is used on

hard and cracked ground up to 4000 meters deep. When the drill bit is eccentric, a casing propulsion system (where the pipe is installed by gravity) can be used to drill the hole. The system will strengthen the hole as the drilling progresses.

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Feed Cylinder Crawler Rotary Drilling Machine For Sale
Feed Cylinder Crawler Rotary Drilling Machine For Sale

Top Hammer Drilling

The drilling rig machine used for this type of drilling can also be run on the percussion system. But the rig is still located outside the borehole. They are mainly used for small-diameter drilling. For example, it is used for mineral exploration or to install tie rods in rocks. This drilling system is used for shallow drilling. Because the ground structure drilled through may produce significant deviations. This drilling rig can work in any direction.

Spiral Drilling

This is a type of rotary drilling that uses a worm (auger). This type of drilling is mainly used for loose clay or sand. The worm will bring the excavated material directly to the ground. For deep hole drills, the auger needs to be lifted regularly to empty its digging material.

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YG Hot Sale Crawler Rotary Blasthole Drill Rigs Machine
YG Hot Sale Crawler Rotary Blasthole Drill Rigs Machine

Core Drilling Rig Machine

Core drilling is similar to rotary drilling. But it uses the top to extract a sample inside the tool, called a core.

Percussion Drilling Rig Machine

Percussion drilling refers to the use of tools and drills to break rocks under the action of gravity. This type of drilling can only be used vertically. In order to prevent the borehole from collapsing, it needs to be protected when drilling. Once the drill cuttings interfere with the drilling, replace the drill bit with a flap valve guide tube and reassemble the drill cuttings. The flap valve guide tube is a tube with an inclined flap at the lower part. The inclined flap can fill the pipe with excavated material and then transport it to the ground.

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Feed Cylinder Crawler Rotary Drilling Rig Hot Sale
Feed Cylinder Crawler Rotary Drilling Rig Hot Sale

Pipe Jacking Drilling Rig Machine

Jacking pipe drilling is mainly used for the installation of horizontal pipes. The pipe is gradually pushed through the impact. At the end of the drilling operation, the excavated material is removed by water injection or using an auger (endless screw). This technique is especially used to avoid transmitting vibrations to surrounding buildings or to avoid trenching.

Drilling Rig Accessories

We have a series of drilling rig accessories for sale to match the use of the drilling rig. For example, drilling pipe, drill bit, mud pumptriplex mud pumpindustrial air compressorscrew air compressor, etc.

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