High Quality YG HDD Machine For Construction Project

YG Medium Series Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine

As everyone knows, the horizontal directional drilling machine is a very popular series of Drilling Rigs in engineering construction projects. Whether it is large-scale project construction or small-scale engineering construction, horizontal directional drilling rigs play a huge role. With the rapid development of science and technology, the technology and quality of horizontal directional drilling rigs are getting better and better, and they will be more advanced in the future. This article will explain what a horizontal directional drilling machine is, what it is used for, and how it works from multiple angles.

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YG Middle Size Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig Machine For Sale
YG Middle Size Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig Machine For Sale

What Is A Medium Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig?

The Medium-sized Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine is a medium-sized drilling rig construction machine for laying various underground utilities (pipelines, cables, etc.) without excavating the ground surface. Compared with small horizontal directional drilling rigs and large horizontal directional drilling rigs, its outstanding advantage is that it is moderate in size, so it can carry out on-site operations for small, medium, and large project construction. The scope of application is wider, and the cost performance is relatively higher.

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 Top Brand Middle Size HDD Machine Price
Top Brand Middle Size HDD Machine Price

Parameter of the Horizontal Directional Drilling Machine

The following are the specific technical parameters of the Mid-size horizontal directional drilling rig. If you want to know other parameters of the YG HDD Machine, please feel free to contact us.

Model YG-35 YG-45
Power Rating 154KW 194WK
Max Pull/Trust Force 350KN 450KN
Max Pull/Trust Speed 38m/min 60m/min
Torque 13500N.m 19500N.m
Max Spindle Speed 135r/min 50m/min
Pipe Diameter×Length 73*3000 83*3000
Max Inclination Angle 23° 23°
Traveling 1.5km/h 2-2.6km/h
Weight 11T 12T
Dimension 6700*2250*2400 7000*2300*2350

YG Hot Selling Mid-size HDD Rig For Sale

YG Machinery has small-series, medium-series, and large-series horizontal directional drilling machines. This article mainly involves some contents of the medium horizontal directional drilling rig. Medium horizontal directional drilling rigs are popular because they are widely used in many construction projects. YG-35 and YG-45 are the two most popular mid-size directional drilling rigs. If you want to know more details. Please contact us!

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YG HDD Machine Middle Size Drilling Rig For Sale
YG HDD Machine Middle Size Drilling Rig For Sale

What Mid-size HDD Rig Machine Is Used For?

Mid-size Horizontal directional drilling rig machines are mainly used for water supply, gas, electricity, telecommunications, natural gas, oil, etc. What’s more, sewage discharge and other pipeline laying or renewal can be used. It has the absolute advantages of not damaging the road surface, not affecting traffic and commercial operations, and not polluting the environment. Most importantly, it has high comprehensive economic benefits. And then, it has been widely used and developed rapidly.

YG HDD Machine For Sale
YG HDD Machine For Sale

What Are The Advantages Of YG Mid-size HDD Rig?

  1. Equipped with an electric control handle, good hand feeling, and high sensitivity;
  2. The hydraulic system and circuit design have been optimized many times, and the efficiency has been upgraded again;
  3. The circuit design is scientific and reasonable, the appearance of the whole machine is beautiful and generous, and it is easy to maintain;
  4. It adopts a Cummins high-horsepower engine, which is stable and effective, and has sufficient power reserve;
  5. An innovative upgraded version of the original model, with stronger power and more stable performance;
  6. The walking system adopts wire control, the walking speed is fast, and there is no need to load vehicles for short-distance transitions;
  7. The configuration is flexible and diverse, and the cab with heating and cooling air-conditioning, mechanical gripper, etc. are optional; The rotary cooling device is a national patent product, which effectively avoids damage to the reducer and helps the system run;
  8. The push-pull adopts high wear-resistant and high-impact alloy steel rack and pinion feeding system, which greatly prolongs the service life and high transmission efficiency;
  9. The cab with heating and cooling air-conditioning is equipped as standard, with ample space, a wide field of view, a beautiful appearance, a reasonable layout of the instrument panel, and a humanized design;
  10. High-torque motors are used for the rotation and push-pull of the power head, and the performance is stable. The hydraulic system is optimally designed. The rotation and push-pull can be controlled at two speeds, and the construction is effective.

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High Quality YG HDD Machine For Construction Project
High-Quality YG HDD Machine For Construction Project

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YG Machinery is famous for producing high-quality series of drilling rigs, we not only have various models of large and medium-sized horizontal directional drilling rigs for sale but also a series of other types of drilling rigs are also on sale. Such as Four-Wheel Tractor Mounted Borewell Drilling Rig Machines, Truck Water Well Drilling Rig Machines, Crawler Anchor Drilling Machines, Backpack Drilling Rigs, HDD Rigs Machines, Rotary Drilling Rigs, Crawler DTH Drilling Rigs, Small Trailer-mounted Water Well Drills, Small Water Well Drilling Rigs, Full  Hydraulic Core Drilling Rigs, etc.

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