Four-wheel Tractor Mounted Borewell Drilling Rig Machine

Tractor Borewell Machine is a mobile and multi-functional rock drilling equipment. It has a rotary drilling mode and a percussion drilling mode and can use high-pressure air, foam, and mud according to different geological conditions. The trailer-type water well drilling rig can be moved by tractors and other tractors, so the relocation is convenient and fast, and the mobility is good. Drilling rigs are suitable for drilling construction of high-rise buildings, bridges, geological mines, ports, dam foundations, water well construction, complex ground source heat pumps, etc. Contact us to get a cheap tractor borewell machine price now.

YG Four Wheel Tractor Borewell Machine For Sale
YG Four Wheel Tractor Borewell Machine For Sale

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Clarification Of Tractor Borewell Machine

A tractor Borewell Machine is also called tractor mounted water well drilling rig. It combines a tractor with pneumatic water well drilling rig to form well-drilling equipment integrated with a drilling rig and a tractor. It is conducive to the combination of walking and an air compressor. Make construction more convenient and efficient. The vertical tractor borewell machine is suitable for industrial and civil well drilling and geothermal drilling. It has the advantages of large drilling diameter, deep drilling, fast footage, flexible movement, wide application area, and so on. Tractor-mounted borewell machine combines the common advantages of a tractor and a drilling machine.

YG Four Wheel Tractor Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig
YG Four Wheel Tractor Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig 

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Parameter Of Tractor Borewell Machine

Dimension(mm) 1000*1500*2000
Weight of machine (kg) 600
Drill rod diameter (mm) Ø65
Drill rod length(mm) 2000
Rod change method Full automatic screw thread
Drilling depth(m) 120
Energy 380
Motor power (KW) 5.5/7.5 KW
Drilling method Percussive and rotating type
Pump power (KW) 5kw
Drilling hole diameter(mm) Within Ø 500 mm
Hosting height(mm) 3200
Hosting capacity (kg) 1000
Completed unit of drilling machine includes a main engine, tools, 40-meter drill rod, 2 units alloy drilling bit, 1 unit water pump, 5-meter high-pressure water pipe, and English manual.

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Main Features Of Four-wheel Tractor Water Well Drilling Rig

  1. YG tractor water well drilling rig adopts new down-the-hole impact technology, which supports high-torque hydraulic motor rotation and large-diameter hydraulic cylinder propulsion.
  2. The multi-cylinder engine produced by a well-known manufacturer is used to provide power for the hydraulic system, and the secondary air filter and air compressor intake are designed to prolong the service life of the diesel engine.
  3. The integrated drilling equipment combined with the YG tractor and pneumatic water well drilling rig is easy to walk and combined with an air compressor. Make the construction more convenient and quick.
  4. Tractor water well drilling rigs can be equipped with tractor chassis of different horsepower, drilling tools of different specifications, air compressors, down-the-hole hammers, and blasting tubes according to user needs, and are suitable for various specifications.
  5. The tractor water well drilling rig is suitable for civil engineering drilling and geothermal drilling. It has the characteristics of large diameter, deep footage, fast speed, flexible maneuverability, and wide geographical advantages. It combines the advantages of drilling rigs and tractors.
Deep Tractor Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig For Hard Rock
Deep Tractor Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig For Hard Rock

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Tractor Mounted Water Well Drilling Rigs For Sale

Pneumatic tractor borewell machines can be equipped with different horsepower tractor chassis, different specifications of drilling tools, air compressors, down-the-hole impactors, air ducts, etc. according to user needs. Various specifications are applicable. Henan YG Machinery Company specializes in supplying manpower drilling rigs. Single-phase electric small water well drilling rigs for sale. Two-phase electric small water well-drilling machine. Three-phase electric small borehole drilling machine for sale. Gasoline power portable well drilling equipment. Diesel power small water boring machine. Hydraulic water well drilling machine. Pneumatic water well-drilling rigs. Positive and negative circulation drilling rig. Welcome to discuss tractor borewell machine price business.

YG Four Wheel DeepTractor Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig Machine
YG Four Wheel DeepTractor Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig Machine

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Drilling Rig Accessories

As we all know, drilling rig accessories are an integral part of the drilling rig. Good accessories can greatly improve the working efficiency of the drilling rig. By the way, We have a range of high-quality and high-volume drilling rig accessories for sale to complement your drilling rig. A series of drilling rig accessories for sale to match the use of the drilling rig. For example, drilling pipe, and drill bitmud pumptriplex mud pumpindustrial air compressorscrew air compressor, etc.

YG Tractor Borewell Machine For Hard Rock
YG Tractor Borewell Machine For Hard Rock

Final Thought

As a professional drilling rig manufacturer, we not only produce tractor water well drilling rigs with high quality, but we also have the best-selling Portable Water Well Drilling Rigs, Trailer Mounted Water Well Drilling Rigs, Folding Small Well Drilling Rigs, Small Water Well Drilling Rigs. More than that, Core Drilling Rigs, Full Hydraulic Core Drilling Rigs, Horizontal Directional Drilling Rigs, Anchor Drilling Rigs, Crawler Down-the-hole Drilling Rigs, and Rotary Drilling Rigs, etc. are also our flagship products.

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