YG Hot Selling Series Water Well Drills Machine

As we all know, water well drills machines are various and powerful. As an experienced drilling rig manufacturer in the industry, YG Machinery has developed and produced countless types of drilling rigs. Among them, water well drills machines are widely welcomed by customers as the drilling rigs with the widest market range among drilling rigs. Our water wells have dozens of types according to the size and the working environment they are suitable for. Below I will give you some examples of our high-efficiency and high-performance well-digging machine. If you are interested in which one, please contact us!

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Tractor Mounted Borewell Machine

A tractor Borewell Machine is also called Tractor Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig. It combines a tractor with pneumatic water well drilling rig to form well-drilling equipment integrated with a drilling rig and a tractor. It is conducive to the combination of walking and an air compressor. Make construction more convenient and efficient.
The vertical tractor borewell machine is suitable for industrial and civil well drilling and geothermal drilling. It has the advantages of large drilling diameter, deep drilling, fast footage, flexible movement, wide application area, and so on. Tractor-mounted borewell machine combines the common advantages of a tractor and a drilling machine. It is one of the most popular water well drills machines.


Deep Tractor Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig For Hard Rock
Deep Tractor Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig For Hard Rock

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Dimension(mm) 1000*1500*2000
Weight of machine (kg) 600
Drill rod diameter (mm) Ø65
Drill rod length(mm) 2000
Rod change method Full automatic screw thread
Drilling depth(m) 120
Energy 380
Motor power (KW) 5.5/7.5 KW
Drilling method Percussive and rotating type
Pump power (KW) 5kw
Drilling hole diameter(mm) Within Ø 500 mm
Hosting height(mm) 3200
Hosting capacity (kg) 1000
Completed unit of drilling machine includes a main engine, tools, 40-meter drill rod, 2 units alloy drilling bit, 1 unit water pump, 5-meter high-pressure water pipe, and English manual.

Truck Water Well Drilling Rig Machine

The Trailer-mounted Water Well Drilling Rig is a medium-sized, high-efficiency, multi-functional water well drilling rig. The borehole drilling truck is mainly used for mud rotary drilling, supplemented by down-the-hole impact hammer drilling, which can meet the drilling requirements of different geological conditions and other vertical holes.

The drilling rig is widely used in drilling water wells, monitoring wells, and ground source heat pump air-conditioning hole engineering construction, and can also be used in drilling blast holes, anchor rods, anchor cables, micropile holes, and other engineering constructions.

YG Hot Sale Truck Mounted Water Drilling Rig For Mining
YG Hot Sale Truck Mounted Water Drilling Rig For Mining

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Parameter Of Truck Water Well Drills Machines

Model YG-FYC180 YG-FYC200 YG-FYC260 YG-FYC150
Drilling Depth 180M 200M 260M 150M
Drilling Diameter 140~254mm 140~305mm 140~325mm 90~254mm
Power 55Kw 65Kw 75.8Kw 45Kw
Air Consumption 17~30m3/min 17~31m3/min 17~35m3/min 17~30m3/min
Working Pressure 1.7~2.5Mpa 1.7~3.0Mpa 1.7~3.0Mpa 1.7~2.5Mpa
Rig Lifting Force 12T 15T 18T 11T
Swing Speed 45~65rpm 45~70rpm 40~70rpm 35~50rpm
Swing Torque 3200~4600N.m 3500~4800N.m 5700~7500N.m 2800~3500N.m
Weight 4500Kg 5800Kg 7000Kg 4200Kg
Dimension 3800*1500*2200mm 4000*1750*2450mm 4100*1950*2600mm 3700*1500*2100mm

Wheeled Pneumatic Water Well Drills Machines

Wheels Pneumatic Water Well Drills is a farm irrigation water well drilling rig. And it is punctured equipment for light, efficiency, and versatility. It is mainly applied to borehole drilling wells, geothermal air conditioning holes,s, and other uses. The water well drills rig can create jobs in different formations, with a maximum hole depth of up to 260 meters. The pneumatic water well drilling rig applies to industrial drilling well, civil drilling well, and geothermal drilling well, the drilling rig is compact structure, driving fast, flexible and efficient, etc.


Wheeled Pneumatic r Water Well Drilling Rig Machine Factory Price
Wheeled Pneumatic r Water Well Drilling Rig Machine Factory Price

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Model YG-260L
The weight (T) 5.5
Drill pipe diameter(mm) Φ76  Φ89
The hole diameter(mm) 140-305
Drill pipe length(m) 1.5m  2.0m  3.0m
Drilling depth(m) 200
Rig lifting force(T) 13
One-time advance length(m) 3.3
Rapid rise speed (m/min) 24
Fast feeding speed(m/min) 60
Swing torque(N.m) 4000-5300
Air consumption(m³/min) 17-31
Swing speed(rpm) 45-70
The penetration efficiency(m/h) 10-35
Dimension(mm) 4800×1900×2200

Crawler Pneumatic Water Well Drilling Rig Machine

The Crawler Pneumatic Water Well Drilling Machine is a water-digging machine powered by compressed air pressure. It is a highly efficient water well drill that can drill holes or break hard surfaces to drill wells. For example, low water tables, large amounts of silt, clay, exposed bedrock, or large rocks, etc.

Hot Sale Pneumatic Water Well Drilling Machine
Hot Sale Pneumatic Water Well Drilling Machine

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Parameter Of Crawler Pneumatic Water Well Drills Machines

Model YK-180 YK-200 YK-260 YK-300 YK-350
Drilling Depth 180m 200m 260m 300m 350m
Drilling Diameter 90-315mm 90-315mm 90-315mm 90-315mm 90-315mm
Working Wind Pressure 1.7-3.0Mpa 1.7-3.0Mpa 1.7-3.0Mpa 1.7-3.0Mpa 1.7-3.3Mpa
Air Consumption 17-35m³/min 17-35m³/min 17-35m³/min 17-35m³/min 17-35m³/min
Drill Pipe Length 3m 3m 3m 3m/6m 3m/6m
Drill Pipe Diameter 76/89mm 76/89mm 76/89mm 76/89mm 76/89/102mm
Axial Pressure 4T 5T 7T 8T 10T
Lifting Force 14T 15T 16T 17T 25T
Maximum Swing Torque 4500-6500Nm 4900-6900Nm 5400-7400Nm 7200-8500Nm 8800-9500Nm
Rotational Speed 50-70r/min 50-70r/min 50-70r/min 50-115r/min 50-115r/min
One-time Advance Length 3000mm 3000mm 3000mm 6000mm 6000mm
Crawler Speed 2.5km/h 2.5km/h 2.5km/h 2.5km/h 2.5km/h
Crawler Gradeability 35° 35° 35° 35° 35°
Total Weight 4T 4.5T 5T 7.5T 9T
Dimensions 3.9*1.7*2.2m 3.9*1.7*2.2m 4*1.7*2.2m 4.3*1.8*2.7m 4.5*1.9*2.7m
Engine 58KW 65KW 76KW 85KW 92KW

Professional Water Well Drills Machine Manufacturer

At present, water-digging machine manufacturing enterprises are generally large in scale. As a professional drilling rig manufacturer, YG Machinery has advanced professional knowledge and large-scale factories. Most importantly, we provide the best pre-sales and after-sales services. For water well drilling rigs, one of our flagship products, there are many types and models. Our full range of water well drilling rigs can adapt to various terrain operations and various extreme climates. Please contact us, we will select the most suitable machine for your project.

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