Water Drilling Machine For Sale

Water Drilling Machine For Sale

YG Water Drilling Machine For Sale

As a professional water well drilling machine manufacturer, we have a series of water drilling machine for sale. Water well rigs, FY series water well drilling rig, small water well drilling rigs, portable water well drilling machine, trailer-mounted water well drilling machine, tractor borewell drilling machine.

ZX-220 Gasoline Hydraulic Water Well Drilling Machine
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HY-240 Small Water Drilling Rigs For Sale
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Tractor Water Drilling Machine
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Trailer-Mounted Water Well Drilling Machine
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The function of Water Drilling Machine

The essence of drilling is to try to solve the problems of breaking the rock and expelling cuttings, protecting the well wall, and continuing to deepen the drilling. Water well drilling rigs must complete operations such as drilling water wells, running down well pipes, and washing wells. Through long-term production practice and scientific research, the drilling method can be attributed to two drilling methods with industrial practical value: the percussion method and the rotary method. A variety of drilling rig models have evolved and derived from these two methods. If you need to buy well drilling rigs, please feel free to contact us.
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Classification & Categories of Water Well Drilling Rigs

  • Water well drilling rigs are classified according to drilling methods and can be divided into three types: impact drilling rigs, rotary drilling rigs, and compound drilling rigs.
  • According to the circulation method, it can be divided into four types: mud positive circulation drilling rigs, mud reverse circulation drilling rigs, conventional air drilling rigs, and air reverse circulation drilling rigs.
  • In accordance with the classification of drilling depth, it can be divided into three types: shallow well drilling rigs, medium-deep well drilling rigs, and deep well-drilling rigs.
  • According to the type of assembly, it can be divided into three types: truck-mounted water well drilling rigs, trailer water well drilling rigs, and bulk water well drilling rigs.

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