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The drill bit is the main component of the drilling equipment. Its main function is to break the rock and form a borehole. Rotary drill bits are currently commonly used in the industry. Rotating the drill bit under the mechanical drive will produce rotation, thereby driving the entire drill bit to produce centripetal movement. And then, cracking and breaking the rock through encroachment and grinding, play a role in downward drilling. The drill bit is one of the main drilling equipment. If you are looking for a high-quality drill bit for sale, YG drill bit manufacturer will be your ideal choice.

According to the different working environments and geographical environments, the size and shape of the drill bit should also be different. When drilling, the drill bits should be selected rationally and scientifically based on specific needs and specific design plans. In the specific drilling work, scientifically select the drill bit and reasonably determine the drilling fluid. In order to improve the work efficiency and quality of oil drilling, oil drilling can make better use of its value and make a certain contribution to the development of geological exploration. Now send your requirement to us.

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The role of the drill bit

In the drilling process, the drill bit is the main tool for breaking the rock. Boreholes are formed by breaking the rock with a drill bit. The quality of a borehole formation and the length of time it takes are not only related to the characteristics of the formation rock being drilled and the performance of the drill bit itself. But also to the degree of mutual matching between the drill bit and the formation. The reasonable selection of the drill bit plays an important role in increasing the drilling speed and reducing the comprehensive cost of drilling.

The drill bit is one of the important tools for drilling. Whether the drill bit adapts to the nature of the rock and its quality plays a very important role in the selection of drilling technology. In particular, it has a huge impact on drilling quality, drilling speed, and drilling cost. YG Machinery produces different drill bits for different drilling conditions. For example drag bit, Roller cone drill bit, and diamond drill bit. If you are looking for a suitable drill bit, please contact us in time. You will get the most suitable and low priced drill bit.

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PDC Diamond Core Drill Bit Manufacturer
PDC Diamond Core Drill Bit Manufacturer

Drill Bits Classification And Selection

There are many types of drill bits currently used in the drilling industry. The drill bits are classified according to different drilling methods, which can be divided into diamond drill bits, roller cone bits, and scraper bits. These three types of drill bits are the most basic form of drill bits. Among the three types of drill bits, the most common and widely used one in drilling work is the roller cone bit, which has a relatively deep application. Comparing these three kinds of drill bits, the one with the smallest range of use is the drag bit. This article mainly introduces diamond bits and roller cone bits.

Diamond Core Drills Bit Sale

The drilling tool that uses diamond material as the cutting edge is a diamond drill bit. The main advantage of the diamond drill bit is that it can adapt to formations with high abrasiveness and harder geology, and the cutting performance is also relatively good. It has very significant advantages in high-speed drilling.

Based on the difference in the applicable formations, diamond drill bits can be divided into two categories: ordinary diamond drill bits and polycrystalline diamond composite drill bits. Among the two categories, ordinary diamond drill bits are suitable for formations with high abrasiveness, hard geology, and complex geology. The polycrystalline diamond composite drill bit can be widely used in hard, soft, and moderately soft and hard formations. And its application range is very wide. The difference in the blade is the main difference between the two diamond drill bits. As a professional drill bit manufacturer, you will get a cheap drill bit for sale price from us.

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YG Hot Diamond Core Drills Sale
YG Hot Diamond Core Drills Sale

PDC Drill Bit Manufacturer

The polycrystalline diamond composite drill bit has four main components. Namely the diamond composite sheet, nozzle, matrix, and bit body. Ordinary diamond drills have four main components. Namely diamond particles, nozzles, matrix, and the bit body. Because the cutting performance of diamond bits is relatively good. When diamond bits are selected as oil drilling tools, they can drill at high speed and can also expand the drilling depth to a certain extent.

In the process of working with diamond drill bits, we should pay attention to the following aspects.

First, the price of diamond drill bits is relatively high, so be careful when using them to reduce the degree of damage.
Second, the diamond bit has certain defects in terms of thermal stability. Therefore, the cooling performance and cleaning condition of the drill bit must be ensured when using it.
Third, its texture is relatively brittle. So the impact resistance of diamond drill bits will be relatively poor. And strict and standardized operations should be carried out in strict accordance with the relevant regulations of diamond drill bits.

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PDC Best Drill Bits Price
PDC Best Drill Bits Price

Tricone bits manufacturer

Based on the structure of the cone bit, tri-cone bits have five parts: water eye, bearing, palm, cone, and the bit body. If it is a sealed jet roller cone bit, it also includes the oil storage compensation system under normal circumstances. The thread will generally be on the upper part of the roller cone bit. The drill string and the thread are connected to each other, and there will be a cone under the drill bit with three palms on it. A cone is installed on the cone shaft, and bearings are installed between the cone shaft and each cone. The cone will break the rock through its own cutting teeth. The channel of the drilling fluid is the water eye of the drill bit. Please feel free to contact the drill bit manufacturer by Email or Chat online.

In the process of drilling, the roller cone bit will achieve the purpose of breaking the rock through the transverse shear and longitudinal vibration during the drilling process. Thereby increasing the drilling speed. When choosing a roller cone bit as a tool. It is necessary to select the roller cone bit according to the actual situation of the drilling equipment and the actual conditions of the formation.

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YG Tricone Bits For Sale
YG Tricone Bits For Sale

How To Choose Tricone Drill Bit Manufacturer?

When choosing a roller bit, the main issues that need to be considered are the following:

First of all, it should be considered whether there is a soft and hard interlacing in the drilling formation.
Secondly, it should be considered whether it is necessary to prevent deflection drilling and curve operation during drilling work.
Thirdly, the actual depth of different drilled sections in the same well should be considered.
Finally, the drilling geology, the grind ability of the formation, and the degree of hardness should be considered.

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