YG153 DTH Drilling Rig Manufacturers

The YG153 DTH Drill Rig is a classic model produced by our company. This DTH Drilling Rig adds a set of electric systems on the basis of the YG150 Down-the-hole Drilling Machine. Providing a 58Kw electric engine and a 55Kw electric engine. There are diesel power systems and electric power systems. The power system can be operated independently and switched at will. It has the characteristics of high stability and reduced operating costs. It is widely used in urban foundation pit construction, open-pit mining, etc. If you are looking for professional DTH Drilling Rig manufacturers, glad you found us. Welcome to leave your requirement.

YG153 DTH drilling rig manufacturers
YG153 DTH Drilling Rig Manufacturers

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YG153 Technical Parameters

Rock hardness f=6~18
Drilling diameter 90~146mm
Drilling depth 30m
Walking speed 2.5km/h
Gradeability 30°
Towing air compressor gradability 13°
Swing speed 0~170r/min
Rotation torque 2960N/M
Working pressure 0.7~1.7MPa
Air consumption 9~14m3/min
Propelling beam pitch angle Up19°, Down110°
Propelling beam swing angle Right5°, Left90°(or Right90°Left5°)
Drill boom pitch angle Up50°, Down23°
Drill boom swing angle Right40°,Left40°
Diesel tank volume 85L
Hydraulic oil tank volume 188L
Power Configuration YCD4R22T-80(Yuchai)/Electric motor 55KW
Dimensions(transportation state) 6600L×2110W×2900H(mm)
Total Weight 6.3T

Why Choose The YG DTH Drilling Rig Manufacturers?

The YG153 Down-the-hole Drilling Rig has an overall personalized and humanized design with high structural strength. The appearance is beautiful and generous. The operation and maintenance are convenient, highlighting the individual characteristics of YG drilling machinery. The hydraulic system design draws on domestic and foreign experience and has unique design features of YG Machinery.

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YG DTH Drilling Rig Machine Delivery
YG DTH Drilling Rig Machine Delivery

Selection Of Raw Materials

The diesel engine adheres to the well-known domestic brand – Yuchai Power. Adopt the most reliable air intake filter system to ensure the safety of diesel engine air intake. The hydraulic components are selected from domestic brands with the most stable quality, and adhere to the “YG Brand” route (impress customers with quality and win customers with word of mouth).

The raw materials of the whole YG153 DTH drilling rig are selected from domestic high-grade steel plates, wires, profiles, and other steel materials. Make conscious products based on safety and quality.

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Hot Sale Crawler DTH Drilling Rig Machine
Hot Sale Crawler DTH Drilling Rig Machine

Hydraulic System – YG DTH Drilling Rig Manufacturer

The hydraulic system has been improved and upgraded from hydraulic valves and hydraulic hoses to more suitable actual working conditions. The high system pressure effectively improves the adaptability of YG153 DTH drilling rigs to complex working conditions.

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Top Brand Crawler DTH Drilling Rig Machine Accessory
Top Brand Crawler DTH Drilling Rig Machine Accessory

The Special Design of The Drilling Boom

The special design of the drill boom joint allows the guide rail to be perpendicular to the boom, which is suitable for drilling operations under special conditions. Drilling of horizontal holes with different heights in the range of 350 mm-3600 mm can be achieved by adjusting the hydraulic cylinder.

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Hot Sale Crawler Mounted DTH Drilling Rig Machine
Hot Sale Crawler Mounted DTH Drilling Rig Machine

Diesel-Electric Hybrid Power System

YG153 diesel-electric dual-purpose drilling rig adopts diesel engine + electric motor hybrid power. You can choose any one of them according to your needs. The hydraulic system is automatically switched without manual adjustment. Now contact YG DTH drilling rig manufacturers to get a free quote for your reference.

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Efficient Crawler Rock Blasting DTH Drilling Rig For Sale
Efficient Crawler Rock Blasting DTH Drilling Rig For Sale

Hot Sale Products – YG DTH Drilling Rig Manufacturers

As one of the most professional DTH drilling rig manufacturers, YG Machinery provides a series of DTH drill machines. Click here to know more about our YG150 down-the-hole drilling machine. In addition, we have an anchor drilling machine for sale. Rotary drilling machine for sale. Advanced horizontal directional drilling machine for sale. Different crawler water well drilling machines for sale. And a series of drill tools that match the drilling rig you need. Just feel free to leave a message.

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