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Types & Principles of Drilling Equipment For Sale

Percussion drilling equipment for sale

The percussion rig relies on the vertical reciprocating movement of the drilling tool to make the drill bit hit the bottom of the well to break the rock formation. The percussion drilling rig has a simple structure without a circulating well-washing system. And the removal of cuttings and the drilling rig cannot be carried out at the same time, so the efficiency is low. The drilling depth is generally within 250 meters, sometimes up to 500-600 meters. There are mainly the following 2 types of drilling equipment for sale.

Punch grab cone

The punching cone uses the weight of the drilling tool itself to hit the formation. At the lower end of the drilling, the tool is several sharp-angled gripping flaps that can be opened and closed. When the drilling tool moves downward under the action of its own weight. The gripping flaps are opened and cut into the rock formation. Then the drilling tool is lifted by the hoist through the wire rope, and the cuttings are grabbed into the cone by the gripping flap during the closing process, and the cuttings are lifted out of the wellhead. The drilling depth is usually 40-50 meters, and the deepest is 100-150 meters.

Wire rope impact drill machine for sale

It is composed of a mast, a lifting pulley, a steel wire rope, an impact mechanism, a drilling tool, and a motor mounted on the top. During operation, the motor drives the impact mechanism through the transmission device and drives the steel wire rope to make the drill reciprocate up and down. When moving downwards, the weight of the drill bit itself cuts into and breaks the rock formation. And the upward movement is pulled by a wire rope. The stroke of the drill bit is 0.5 to 1 meter, and the impact frequency is 30 to 60 times per minute. The cuttings are cleared out of the ground by the sand pump, and drilling and cuttings are removed at the same time.

Percussion types drilling rig for sale
percussion types drilling rig for sale

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Rotary drilling rig

The rotary drilling rig relies on the rotary motion of the drilling tool to break the rock formation to form holes. As a leading drilling equipment supplier in China, there are mainly the following 5 types of drilling equipment for sale.

Pot cone drilling equipment for sale

Use a pot cone drill to rotate and cut the soil layer. The big pot cone and the small pot cone are called according to the size of the drilling tool, which can be driven by manpower or power. The cut soil debris falls into the pot and is lifted to the ground to be discharged. The pot cone has a simple structure and low efficiency. And is suitable for general soil or sand and gravel soil. The drilling depth of the small pot cone is 80-100 meters, and the large pot cone is 30-40 meters.

Rotary drilling rig with circulating mud pump

It is composed of a tower, hoist, turntable, drilling tool, mud pump, faucet, and electric motor. During operation, the power machine drives the turntable through the transmission device. The active drill rod drives the drill bit to rotate and break the rock formation. There are positive and negative circulation methods. When the positive circulation drilling rig is working. The bottom hole cuttings are carried out of the wellhead through the annular channel outside the drill pipe. After the sedimentation tank settles, the mudflows back to the mud tank for recycling. Contact us to get rotary drilling equipment for sale price.

When the reverse circulation drilling rig is working, the mudflows into the bottom of the well from the wellhead after it settles in the sedimentation tank. And the mud that carries the cuttings is sucked out of the well through the drill pipe cavity by the sand pump through the bit nozzle and sinks back to the sedimentation tank. The drilling rig forms a high rising velocity in the drill pipe. And has a strong ability to discharge cuttings and pebbles. Circulating mud washing rotary drilling rig has a fast drilling speed and is suitable for loose formations where the diameter of the soil, sand. And pebbles is smaller than the inner diameter of the drill pipe. The drilling depth is generally within 150 meters.

rotary types crawler drilling machine for sale
rotary types crawler drilling machine for sale

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Rotary drilling rig with compressed air flushing well

On the rotary drilling rig, the air compressor is used to replace the mud pump, and the compressed air is used to replace the mud to wash the well. The reverse circulation method is usually used, also known as gas lift reverse circulation. It is suitable for arid areas with large-good depths and water shortage and permafrost in cold zones.

Hydraulic power head drilling rig

It is driven by a hydraulic motor through a reducer, and a powerhead that moves up and down along the tower replaces the turntable and faucet on the turntable drill to drive the drill rod and bit to rotate and cut the rock formation. Large diameter water wells can be drilled.

YG Crawler Mounted Anchor Drilling Rig With Full Hydraulic Power Head
YG Crawler Mounted Anchor Drilling Rig With Full Hydraulic Power Head

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DTH vibration rotary drilling equipment for sale

Drilling into the rock formation by a combination of vibration and rotary motion. The drilling tool is composed of a drill bit, a vibrator, a vibration absorber and a guide tube. The vibrating force generated by the vibrator makes the whole drilling tool make a cone pendulum movement to break the rock formation. The compressed air reverse circulation method is used to wash the well. So that the cuttings are discharged out of the well through the pipe and the inner cavity of the drill pipe. The drilling depth can reach 150 meters.

DTH Drilling Machine For Sale
DTH Drilling Machine For Sale

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Compound drilling equipment for sale

There are 2 types of compound drilling equipment for sale. One is a water well drilling rig that combines impact and rotation, such as a pneumatic down-the-hole hammer drill. The down-the-hole hammer drill is composed of a cylinder liner and a piston. The high-pressure air provided by the industrial air compressor drives the piston to reciprocate up and down, impacting the drill bit to enhance the drill bit’s ability to drill into the rock formation. At the same time, the drilling tool rotates at a relatively low speed of 35-60 rpm. The air discharged from the upper and lower cavities of the piston enters the drill bit and carries the bottom cuttings out of the wellhead. The pneumatic down-the-hole hammer drill can be used for drilling deep wells in hard rock formations, with high drilling speed and straight boreholes.

The other is to add a percussion mechanism on the basis of the rotary drilling rig. Which is mainly used for rotary drilling. When encountering a pebble layer, the two-water well drilling rig that uses percussion drilling is highly adaptable to various formations. If you need to buy any type of drilling machine, please feel free to contact the YG drill equipment manufacturer.

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