Rotary Drilling Machine

It is well known that there are multiple rotary drilling machines to reach the goal of a successful borehole. It just requires a risk assessment based on the geology to choose the right rig for the job.

In this passage, we provided industry newcomers with an introduction to seasoned professionals with a refresher about rotary drilling technology. It is perfect for when up against bedrock geology.

The Rotary Drilling Rig is also called a Rotary Drilling Machine, or Pile Driver. The rotary drilling rig is a comprehensive drilling rig, which can use a variety of stratum, and has the features of fast hole formation, less pollution, and strong maneuverability.

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YG Hot Sale Crawler Rotary Drilling Rig Machine
YG Hot Sale Crawler Rotary Drilling Rig Machine

Projects That Need Rotary Drilling Rig

Rotary Drilling Rig is mainly suitable for the construction of soil layers such as sand, viscous soil, and powder soil. It is widely used in various foundation infrastructures such as piles, continuous walls, and basic reinforcement. The depth is 60 ~ 90m, which can meet the requirements of various large-scale infrastructures.

When you use some rigs drilling through complex stratum, overburden, and unconsolidated formations has always presented drillers with both expensive and time-consuming challenges. At this time, the advent of the rotary drilling rig seems very appropriate.

The key to success in complex formations is having the capability to rotate and advance or pullback casing simultaneously. The casing is not hammered or piled but is drilled through the formation.

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High Quality Portable Drilling Rig Machine in China
High-Quality Portable Drilling Rig Machine in China

Product Parameters



Dimensions (mm) 7900*2260*3100
Vehicle mass (kg) 8000
Wheelbase (mm) 3150
Wheelbase (mm) Front 1400 After 1060
Drilling depth (m) 13
Drilling diameter (mm) 600-1600
Rotation angle 180 degree
Walking speed (km/h) 50
Gear pump model CBJT2080
Hydraulic system working pressure (mpa) 20-25
Hydraulic system displacement (ml/r) 80
engine model 4108
Engine power (kw) 88

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Why getting YG Rotary Drilling Rig Matters

As with any type of drilling, Rotary Drilling Rigs have their positives. Some of its benefits include:

  1. Rotary drilling is fast. In fact, it’s several times quicker than other conventional drilling methods. At the same time, it manages to deliver high-integrity results as it does so.
  2. Rig flexibility. These rigs are a geotechnical company’s dream. Rotary drilling is easy to install and subsequently disassemble, making them easy to transport and use across the country, wherever it is needed.
  3. It’s incredibly dependable. The rotary drilling rig machine has been improved over time and is a tried and tested method of drilling.

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Hot Sale Mounted Crawler Drilling Rig Machine
Hot Sale Mounted Crawler Drilling Rig Machine

YG Rotary Drilling Machine Outstanding Features

  1. Energy-efficient diesel engine. Adopting low consumption engine, simple and delicate structure, good durability, good stability of the whole machine, saving cost.
  2. Low vibration, low noise, low emissions more environmentally friendly.
  3. Excellent fuel system. The fuel system is optimal, saving fuel and saving work costs.
  4. Advanced cooling system. Refrigeration is one of the most important factors in keeping equipment functioning properly and systems running smoothly. The Rotary Drilling refrigeration system is air-cooled: the engine fan is used to draw air, and the outside wind blows through the hydraulic oil radiator to cool the hydraulic oil.
  5. Reliable hydraulic system. Rotary Drilling hydraulic oil automatic high-efficiency heat dissipation system technology, excavator hydraulic system with rapid heat dissipation function.
  6. Superior performance, easy maintenance. The power head has a reasonable structure design, reliable lubrication, strong power, and high performance.

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YG Factory Direct Sale Crawler Drilling Rig Machine
YG Factory Direct Sale Crawler Drilling Rig Machine

Working Principle

Rotary drilling rigs utilize high levels of torque and rotation, with a drill bit at the end of the drill pipe rapidly rotating and boring through the rock formation.

Rotary drilling technology uses a sharp, rotating drill bit and downward pressure to cut or crush, through the subsurface. Impact energy is supplied to the drill bit from either an above-ground or down-hole impact hammer. This impact force aids in the drilling.

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Best Sale Crawler Drilling Rig Tractor Machinery
Best Sale Crawler Drilling Rig Tractor Machinery


Drilling rig types and applications may not be a problem with experienced people who have been working on the rig for a while. However, new people will totally be blind to what each piece of equipment is. In fact, an excellent operator should know the type and strength of the geology being drilled at all times, as well as what kind of drill pipe and drilling tools to use, and what drilling method is most effective. The load should be reduced, the wear should be the lowest, and the footage should be the fastest.

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