wall saw cutting machine

Wall Saw Machine for Sale

Wall saw machine is a kind of concrete cutting tool, usually used in construction sites for wall demolition. Hydraulic concrete wall cutting machine is a kind of special cutting machine, that consists of a power unit and saw head. It is suitable for the cutting of reinforced concrete, rock, ceramic, brick walls, and so on. There are electric type, hydraulic type, and high-frequency wall saw machines for sale. The hydraulic type is most customer’s choice because of its stable performance and strong power. It is mainly composed of the hydraulic pump station and the wall saw blade. If you are interested in the concrete wall saw, please get in touch with us to get more detailed information.

wall saw cutting machine
wall saw cutting machine

hydraulic wall saw machine
hydraulic wall saw machine

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Parameters of the Wall Concrete Cutting Machine Head

Model 600TM 700TM
Saw blade diameter range 800-1400mm 800-1600mm
Cutting depth 620mm 730mm
Center hole of blade 60mm 60mm
Saw blade life Sharp type: about 15 square meters

Export quality: about 20 square meters

Sharp type: about 15 square meters

Export quality: about 20 square meters

Max. Working pressure 180bar/18Mpa 200bar/20Mpa
Max. Oil flow rate 100L/min 100L/min
Gearing gear gear
Rotation speed 450/900/1350rpm 600/850/1400rpm
Dimension 400*420*400mm 400*420*400mm
Weight 38kg 39kg
wall saw head
wall saw head

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Hydraulic Pump Station Parameters

Model 600TM 700TM 600RV
Max. power 25kw 32kw 25kw
Motor cooling method Air cooling Water cooling Air cooling
Rated voltage 380V, 50Hz 380V-460V, 50Hz-60Hz 380V, 50Hz
Pressure stages 3 3 3
Max. Operating pressure 200bar/20Mpa 210bar/21Mpa 200bar/20Mpa
Oil flow rate 30-80L/min 30-100L/min 30-80L/min
Dimension 600*650*1050mm 500*520*1100mm 650*600*1000mm
Weight 180kg 118kg 210kg
hydraulic pump station
hydraulic pump station

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Advantages of the Concrete Wall Cutting Machine

  1. The hydraulic concrete wall saw can efficiently reduce labor intensity.
  2. It is equipped with an overload protective function, with safe and reliable operation.
  3. The equipment has strong power, improving cutting power and labor productivity.
  4. This wall saw machine has wide applications, such as wall cutting for doors, windows, ventilation opening, etc.
  5. The wall saw cutting method can preserve the stability and safety of the existing structure to the greatest extent, making the cutting section more neat.
concrete wall saw
concrete wall saw

concrete wall saw for sale
concrete wall saw for sale

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Standard Configuration of the Wall Cutting Saw

  1. Pumping station
  2. Wall saw machine head
  3. The guide rail is 1 meter * 1 piece
  4. The guide rail 2 meters * 1 piece
  5. Oil pipe 10 meters * 6 pieces
  6. Saw cover: 850mm
  7. Saw blade: 800mm
  8. Guide rail mounting brackets: 4
  9. Track stops: 4
  10. 1 set of toolbox
hydraulic wall saw machine in factory
hydraulic wall saw machine in the factory

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How to Choose the Suitable Wall Saw Machine?

Wall saw machine is an advanced cutting machine in demolition and removal engineering projects. Most construction teams will choose and purchase suitable wall saw machines according to their real needs. Before buying the equipment, we had better to know some questions. First, what do you want to cut by using the wall saw and what’s the engineering project? Second, how about the cutting depth you want to reach? Third, which type of concrete wall saw do you want? Hydraulic or electric type? Knowing these questions can help you to know your requirements clearly and quickly. If you want to know more details, please get in touch with us and we will recommend the suitable type for you.

Concrete Wall Cutting Machine Manufacturer

As a professional and reliable concrete wall saw manufacturer, our company has exported the wall saw to more than 20 countries, such as the United States, Philippines, Singapore, Germany, Malaysia, Brazil, Greece, Indonesia, Jordan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and so on. We have rich experience in demolition machine manufacturing. In addition to the concrete wall saw cutting machine, we also supply concrete pile breaker machines, rock splitter machines, stone wire saw machines, hydraulic rock drill and spitter, etc. Are you looking for a reliable wall saw machine manufacturer, contact us to learn more information.

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