Pneumatic Portable DTH Drilling Rig Price

Portable DTH Drilling Rigs Machine Export to Sudan

On February 12, 2023, We exported 30 Portable DTH Drilling Rigs to the beautiful country of Sudan. We recently received working on-site map feedback from the Sudan customer Tayeb Salih. According to Tayeb Salih, YG DTH Drilling Rigs are simple and easy to operate and work efficiently. Making their work can be completed efficiently and of high quality. Sudan customers have highly evaluated our machines and services during sales. Their satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit. We will always provide optimal services to new and old customers from all over the world.

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Portable DTH Drilling Rig Export To Sudan
Portable DTH Drilling Rig Export To Sudan

Description of Portable DTH Drilling Rigs

Down-the-hole Drilling Rig, usually called DTH Drilling Rig by most professionals. It is basically a portable machine on the bottom of a drill string. The fast hammer action breaks hard rock into small cuttings and dust that are evacuated by a fluid (air, water, or drilling mud).

YG DTH drilling rig machine is an advanced drilling equipment that integrates the downhole drilling system and the screw air compression system. It is powered by a high-quality diesel engine and is compact. It is convenient, flexible, and enjoys high popularity.

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Pneumatic And Electric DTH Drilling Rig Blasting Hole 
Pneumatic And Electric DTH Drilling Rig Blasting Hole

Technical Parameters of Portable DTH Drilling Rigs

Model YQ70 YQ100 YQ120
Drilling Diameter 60-80mm 80-100mm 100-150mm
Drilling Depth ≥15m ≥25m ≥40m
Power 3kw 4kw 5.5kw
Voltage 380V 380V 380V
Drilling Pipe OD 42mm 50mm 60mm
Quantity 15pcs 20pcs 20pcs
Impactor OD 70mm 100mm 120mm
Air Consumption 4.5m3/min 6m3/min 10m3/min

Main Application of Pneumatic DTH Drilling Rig

Pneumatic DTH Drilling Rig is often used in the mining industry (blast hole drilling), on construction sites, drilling water wells, and in the oil and gas industry.

The down-the-hole drilling rig machine is mainly suitable for large-diameter blast hole rock drilling in small and medium-sized mines, road construction, water conservancy, and stonework projects, as well as drilling anchor holes in slope support, tunnel support, and foundation pit support. The main drilling object is the rock formation.

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Pneumatic Portable DTH Drilling Rig Price
Pneumatic Portable DTH Drilling Rig Price

Unique Benefits of YG Portable DTH Drilling Rigs

1. Compact Structure and Easy Operation

YG DTH Drilling Machine is small and lightweight. It is suitable for places where large and medium-sized rigs cannot operate. It is convenient, flexible, and easy to operate.

2. High Efficiency and Stable Performance

YG down-the-hole drilling machine uses excellent motors, with high working efficiency and stable performance.

3. Low Noise and High-Speed Drilling

YG DTH Drilling machine uses electrical energy turned into power, with small noise and strong power. The drilling speed is 3-8 times that of the average rock drilling machine, the rock hardness reaches 9, and the drilling depth of each hour is 8-16 meters.

4. Easy to Install and Disassemble

The overall volume of the down-the-hole drilling rig is relatively small, and it is very easy to install and disassemble, which is conducive to work efficiency.

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 Mobile Pneumatic Portable DTH Drilling Rig Machine
Mobile Pneumatic Portable DTH Drilling Rig Machine

Operating Principle of Portable DTH Drilling Rigs

The working principle of the down-the-hole drilling rig is: compressed air drives the piston in the impactor, hitting the drill bit for rock drilling. When the motor is working, the electrical energy is converted into a rotating torque to the reducer to make the drill rod rotate the drill rod connected to the output shaft of the reducer. The excreted air pressure blows to the ground.

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Electric Portable DTH Drilling Rig Machine
Electric Portable DTH Drilling Rig Machine


Since 2005, we have made remarkable achievements in the machinery manufacturing industry and won the domestic and overseas markets with the industry’s trust. Above all, YG Machinery also won high praise from customers at home and abroad. We have a range of high-quality drilling rigs for sale. Besides the most popular DTH Drilling Rigs, Crawler Mounted DTH Drilling Rig, Full Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig, Water Well Drilling Rigs, Rotary Drilling Rigs, Anchor Drilling Rigs, and Horizontal Directional Drilling Rigs also enjoy great popularity.

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