Full Hydraulic Geological Portable Anchor Drilling Rigs

Portable Anchor Drilling Rigs are also called Small Split Anchor Drilling Rigs. Portable Anchor Drilling is mainly used in a special work process in which anchors are installed in order to stabilize walls or slopes. An anchor is a specific structural component, which carries tractive forces to the ground, the slope, or the rock. These drilling rigs occur during foundation engineering.  【Whatsapp/Wechat/Phone】+8618337123872

Small Split Anchor Drilling Rigs are mainly used for slide wave control projects of railways, highways, water conservancy, and hydropower facilities. It is also used in dangerous rock mass anchoring engineering, and high-slope rock mass anchoring engineering to control the displacement of buildings. Moreover, it is also used for the support of deep foundation pits in construction cities. Last but not least, including foundation reinforcement engineering holes, blast holes in blasting engineering, and tunnel pipe shed support holes.

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Full hydraulic Anchor Drilling Rig Hot Sale Machine
Full hydraulic Anchor Drilling Rig Hot Sale Machine

Product Parameter

Model YGMG40 YGMG50 YGMG70
Drilling depth 10-60m 25-70m  35-80m
Drilling diameter 90-180mm 90-165mm  90-200mm
Hole angle 0-90° 0-90°  0-90°
Drilling rod diameter 76 x 1500mm 76 x 1500mm

89 x 1500mm

76 x 1500mm

89 x 1500mm

Output rotary speed  90rpm  70rpm  70rpm
Rated output torque  2400N.m   2500N.m   3900N.m
Powerhead max stroke  1800mm  1800mm  1800mm
Max lifting force 25kn  30kn  35kn
Electric power 4KW  22kw  22kw
Dimension 2800*800*1400mm 3000*780*1360mm  3100*1000*1500mm
Weight 1000KG 1260kg  1460kg

Concrete Application Of Small Split Anchor Drilling Rig

  1. Protection of the downstream of the dam and the impact area of the flood discharge tunnel;
  2. Slope reinforcement, slope retaining soil, anchor retaining wall, landslide prevention, and control;
  3. Application in deep foundation pit engineering: support for basements, underground parking lots, underground railways, and underground streets;
  4. Application in road and bridge foundation reinforcement engineering: prevent bridge foundation from sliding, bridge arm, bridge pier anchorage; long-span bridge arch structure stability;
  5. Application in roadway and tunnel surrounding rock support: prevent tunnel collapse and control tunnel deformation;
  6. Other applications such as: preventing viaducts from toppling over, retaining walls from overturning; etc.

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Geological Small Anchor Drilling Rig Machine Working Plan
Geological Small Anchor Drilling Rig Machine Working Plan

Characteristics Of Performance

  • The drilling rig is miniature and lightweight, good in detachability, and convenient for relocation and positioning. The small anchor drilling rig adopts full hydraulic control, which is convenient and flexible to operate, saving time and effort. And it can be operated from a long distance, effectively protecting the safety of the operator.
  • This portable drilling rig adopts a cycloidal rotary motor, the performance of the whole machine is stable and reliable, and the service life is long.
  • This small anchor drilling rig has a wide range of applications and strong drilling ability. The stroke of the power head is long and the drilling efficiency is high.
  • A new type of wear-resistant plate is used to connect the power head and the guide rail, which can effectively reduce the wear of the guide rail and improve the service life of the guide rail.
  • The small split anchor drilling rigs have a wide range of drilling angles, and the drilling positioning is convenient and reliable.
    The small split anchor drilling rigs can be applied to various drilling techniques.

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Small Split Anchor Drilling Rig Portable Machine
Small Split Anchor Drilling Rig Portable Machine

The Foreground Of Small Anchor Drilling Rigs

Along with the rapid development of various constructions, infrastructure constructions have been expanding continuously. As important equipment for the development and utilization of above-ground and underground spaces, the small anchor drilling rigs have a huge development prospect.

As an important part of the anchor drilling rigs, the portable anchor drilling rigs are directly related to the working quality and efficiency of the anchor drilling rigs. Therefore, it is very important to choose a Portable Anchor Drilling with high quality, price optimization, high performance, and low fuel consumption.

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Small Split Anchor Drilling Rig Machine from YG
Small Split Anchor Drilling Rig Machine from YG

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There are many types of drilling rigs and their uses are also very wide. As a manufacturer with more than 18 years of drilling rig excellent manufacturing experience. We have the core technical team and the best service team. We absolutely make your shopping worry-free. 【Whatsapp/Wechat/Phone】+8618337123872

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