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Mountain Drilling Rig For Sale To Papua New Guinea

The inquiry of mountain drilling rig from Papua New Guinea

In February, we received inquiries about mountain drilling rigs from customers in Papua New Guinea. After communication, We knew that the company is responsible for the project of the country’s shale gas production base. After a week of discussion on technology, mountain drilling rig configuration, construction period, etc., the customer decided to order YG’s mountain drilling rigs.

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How to develop shale gas?

To develop shale gas, we must first determine the precise location of shale in the ground. The drill pipe is then drilled into the shale layer and a horizontal well is drilled along the shale layer. Then, a mixture of water and sand is injected into the well, and the pressure is super-high, pushing the shale out of countless cracks, allowing the shale gas hidden in it to gather in one place and be developed.

The shale is buried thousands of meters underground. The engineers first bury a small amount of explosives 20 meters underground. At the same time, they set up more than 60,000 receivers in the surrounding area of 3,000 square kilometers to explode the explosives and trigger a small ” “Artificial earthquake”, seismic waves can reach 10,000 meters underground, and the bottom-level information that is fed back can be accurately captured by these receivers. The received bottom-level information is gathered in the command room and printed out. The ground marked in green is buried 4000 meters underground. Shale formation.

Mountain Air Shock Drilling Rig
Mountain Air Shock Drilling Rig

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Application of hydraulic mountain drilling rig

The hydraulic mountain drilling rig is a kind of drilling equipment for mountain seismic exploration and oil and gas resource exploration newly developed and produced by our company. You can use a hydraulic mountain drilling rig in rugged mountains where truck-mounted drilling rigs cannot work. Hydraulic mountain drilling rigs mainly application are mineral exploration, geochemical exploration, shallow sampling, vein exploration, geological research, highway engineering survey, engineering survey, oil field survey, water conservancy engineering survey, tunnel lining, etc. Click here to know more about the hydraulic mountain drilling rig.

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Exploration Drilling Rig For Mountain

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Advantages of YG’s small hydraulic mountain drilling rig

  1. High drilling efficiency reduces operating costs.
  2. Simple structure, easy to disassemble and maintain.
  3. The operation is more humanized.
  4. The overall weight is light, and it is a split structure, which is convenient for relocation and transportation.

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Air Compressor

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Air Compressor

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YG drilling equipment for sale

In addition to the exploration drilling rigs for mountains, we also have other types of drill machines. Such as DTH drilling machine, anchor drilling machine, rotary drilling machine, rock drilling rig, HDD horizontal directional drilling, core drilling rig, backpack portable core drill equipment, etc. Just feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the drill machine.

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As a professional drilling equipment manufacturer in China, we have a series of drilling machines for sale in the past 20 years. YG Machinery has a crawler DTH drilling machine for sale. Anchor drilling machine for sale. Rotary drilling machine for sale. HDD horizontal directional drilling rigs. Backpack drill machine and different drilling tools. Please feel free to contact us if you gave any questions about our drilling machine.

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