YG150 Crawler Down The Hole Drilling Machine

Hot Sale YG150 Down The Hole Drilling Machine

YG150 Down The Hole Drilling Machine is a new type of drilling rig independently developed and produced by our company on the classic 150T model. The Crawler Down-the-hole Drill Machine has undergone continuous market tests and continuous upgrades and improvements by the company’s technical team, which has achieved a steady increase in work efficiency while reducing costs.

The YG150 DTH Drilling Machine can realize the medium and high wind pressure drilling operation of the drill rig and has high-cost performance. YG DTH Drill Machines are widely used in mine blasting, urban foundation pit construction, highway construction, hydropower, and other engineering projects. The following introduces the performance characteristics of this hot-selling down-the-hole drilling machine.

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Crawler Mounted Down The Hole Drilling Machine For Sale
Crawler Mounted Down The Hole Drilling Machine For Sale

Main Technical Parameters

Rock hardness f=6~18
Drilling diameter 90~146mm
Drilling depth 30m
Walking speed 2.5km/h
Gradeability 30°
Towing air compressor gradeability 13°
Swing speed 0~170r/min
Rotation torque 2960N/M
Working pressure 0.7~1.7MPa
Air consumption 9~14m3/min
Propelling beam pitch angle Up19°, Down110°
Propelling beam swing angle Right5°, Left90°(or Right90°Left5°)
Drill boom pitch angle Up50°, Down23°
Drill boom swing angle Right40°, Left40°
Diesel tank volume 85L
Hydraulic oil tank volume 188L
Power Configuration YCD4R22T-80(Yuchai)
Dimensions(transportation state) 6200L×2300W×2700H(mm)
Total Weight 6.3T

YG150 Down The Hole Drilling Machine Features

  1. Using new hydraulic technology, low cost.
  2. The crawler is driven by a low-speed and large-torque hydraulic motor, which has a strong climbing ability and convenient shifting. The high drilling efficiency greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operator.
  3. Wide adaptability, YG150 down-the-hole drilling machine suitable for various mines, quarries, railways, roads, water conservancies, and other projects.
  4. All key accessories can be installed or selected according to customer needs. Such as: installing dust collectors (dry type/wet type), changing large torque powerheads, etc.

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New YG150 DTH Drill Machine in Factory
New YG150 DTH Drill Machine in Factory

YG150 Down The Hole Drilling Machine Advantages

The crawler shoe uses forged parts of the excavator crawler (repeatedly beaten). There are more manganese elements with wear resistance. It is not easy to wear and has a long service life. In addition, four wheels and one track will not cause chain disconnection and frequent replacement of supporting wheels. Many manufacturers of cheap drilling rigs use casting track shoes (grinding tool pouring method).

Hot Sale Crawler DTH Drilling Rig Machine
Hot Sale Crawler DTH Drilling Rig Machine

Walking Motor

The walking motor adopts the axial plunger coaxial motor with the same structure as the excavator. High torque and long service life. The sprocket and supporting wheels are completely sealed with roller needle bearings and gear oil. Maintenance-free for life. No need to apply lubricating oil. Many cheap DTH drilling rig manufacturers still use our enhanced walking motor (steel ball motor + planetary speed reducer) from a few years ago. The torque of this motor is small, and the steel ball motor is particularly prone to damage. Moreover, the maximum pressure that this motor can withstand is 1.5Mpa.

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Hot Sale Crawler Mounted DTH Drilling Rig Machine
Hot Sale Crawler Mounted DTH Drilling Rig Machine

Chassis Part

The chassis part uses thickened pipes (forced on all sides) instead of channel steel (forced on one or both sides). Solid and durable, will not break or deform. The chassis height is 480mm. There are many rocks in the mine, and YG DTH drilling rigs can easily cross-country (most of the foundation pit customers have soft layers, and the drilling rig will not rub the chassis when it sinks). In addition, the walking motor is sealed so that debris will not collide with the motor joints.

In addition to the above description of the YG150 down-the-hole drilling machine, it has many advantages. If you want to know more details, please feel free to contact us.

YG150 Drill Machine With Dust Collector
YG150 Drill Machine With Dust Collector

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