How To Select Drilling Rig Machine

Drilling Rig Machine of Good Choice

How much do you know about Drilling Rigs? Maybe you’re like most people and just know a drilling machine as a construction piece of equipment that drills holes into the earth’s surface. If you don’t know much about drilling rigs and want to learn more about them, please read this article carefully.

Drilling machines are ubiquitous in people’s lives. It is a construction equipment that drills holes in the earth’s surface. It is the most frequently mechanical equipment and is widely used in construction sites, geological exploration, and large-scale infrastructure projects.

It is can be used for a variety of geological exploration, such as taking samples from mineral deposits and testing the physical properties of rock, soil, and groundwater. Drilling rigs can also be used for underground installations: tunnels, shafts or pipelines, and so forth.

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Drilling Rig Machine of Good Choice
Drilling Rig Machine of Good Choice


What are the types of drilling rigs and how to distinguish them? Drilling rigs are generally divided into two categories: small(portable) drilling rigs and large drilling rigs according to their size. Drilling machines vary widely in size: they can be huge structural equipment or lighter devices that require only one person to move manually. Small (portable) drilling rigs refer to drilling machines used for mining drilling, water wells, environmental surveys, etc. The large drilling rig can drill to a depth of more than a thousand meters in the earth’s crust.

How To Choose the Proper Drilling Rigs

If you want to buy a drilling machine, you need to determine the purpose of the drilling machine and what kind of terrain it will mainly work on. You can choose from different types of rigs depending on the terrain.

1. When you choose a drilling rig, it is necessary to understand the drilling conditions, drilling depth, hole diameter, coal seam conditions, and drilling angles, and choose the type and model of the drilling rig reasonably according to these parameters.

2. In order to select the most suitable drilling machine for you, it is important to determine the main usage of your rig and its unique technology. In addition, security, reliability, and usability are also important factors to consider.
Using a reliable and easy-to-operate rig according to the YG manufacturer’s recommendations increases safety for the operator.

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Various Drilling Rigs Machine with High Quality
Various Drilling Rigs Machines with High Quality

Some Types of YG Machinery Drilling Machines:

1. Core Drilling Rigs

Core drilling rigs are mainly used for the exploration of metal and non-metallic solid minerals. In addition, they can also be used for engineering geological surveys, hydrogeological surveys, oil and gas field surveys and exploration, and water well drills. It is suitable for relatively hard bedrock formations.

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Crawler Full hydraulic Drilling Rig Machine for Sale
Crawler Full hydraulic Drilling Rig Machine for Sale

Parameter of YDX Series Crawler Full Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig

Model YDX-400XL  



YDX-800S/GL YDX-1000GL
Drilling capacity Drilling depth 180-400-500m 200-600-650m 400-800-1000m 500-1000-1100m
Drilling angle 0~90° 45~90° 45~90° 45~90°
Max. Torque 500N.m 1000N.m 1300N.m 3500N.m
Rated power/speed 78kW/ 2400r/min 92kW/ 2400r/min 92kW/ 2400r/min 154kW/


Hydraulic Mud pump flow 30-90(L/min) 30-90(L/min) 90-180(L/min) 90-180(L/min)
Hydraulic Mud pump power 4-7(MPA) 4-7(MPA) 4-7(MPA) 4-7(MPA)
Crawler chassis Walking speed 2.5 km/h 3.5 km/h 3.5 km/h 3.5 km/h
Climbing angle Max. 45° Max. 45° Max. 45° Max. 45°
Transport  Dimension 4000*1900*1800mm 4000*2000*1800mm 5500*2100*2000mm 6000*2200*2400mm
Weight 4.3T 4.5/5.5T 6.5T 7.5T

2. Rotary Drilling Rigs

The Rotary Drilling Rig is also called a Rotary Drilling Machine, or Pile Driver. It is a comprehensive drilling machine, which can use a variety of bottom layers, and has the characteristics of fast hole formation, less pollution, and strong mobility.

It is mainly suitable for the construction of sandy soil, cohesive soil, silty soil, hard bedrock, and small-diameter gravel layer with poor cementation. It is widely used in various foundation constructions such as cast-in-situ piles, diaphragm walls, and foundation reinforcement.

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Rotary Drilling Rigs Machine for Sale
Rotary Drilling Rigs Machine for Sale

Parameter of YG Rotary Drilling Rigs

Dimensions (mm) 7900*2260*3100
Vehicle mass (kg) 8000
Wheelbase (mm) 3150
Wheel base (mm) Front 1400 After 1060
Drilling depth (m) 13-100
Drilling diameter (mm) 600-1600
Rotation angle 180 degree
Walking speed (km/h) 50
Gear pump model CBJT2080
Hydraulic system working pressure (mpa) 20-25
Hydraulic system displacement (ml/r) 80
engine model 4108
Engine power (kw) 88

3. Water Well Drilling Rigs

Water Well Drilling Rigs can be divided into Crawler Mounted Water Well Drilling Rigs, Tractor Mounted Water Well Drilling Rigs, Trailer Mounted Water Well Drilling Rigs according to their usage and terrain.

It is mainly used for digging soil, limestone, and other soft rocks and it’s also recommended to drill hard rock. Water well drilling Rigs are into three types: rotary water well drilling rig, impact water well drilling machine, and compound water well drilling rig.

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Hot Sale Water Well Drilling Rigs for Sale
Hot Sale Water Well Drilling Rigs for Sale

Parameter of YG-XYD130 Water Well Drilling Rig

Item Parameter
Structure Rotary
Power(diesel engine) 13.2Kw
Work state dimension 2450*2010*6500mm
Weight 3300kg
Drilling depth 130m
Borehole Dia. Ф300mm
Drive Rod 53*53*4200/Ф50mm
Drill bit Ф200mm
Rotary speed 142/285/570r/min

4. DTH Drilling Rigs

The DTH Drilling Rig’s primary drilling object is a rock formation. It is suitable for large-diameter blast hole rock drilling operations in small and medium-sized mines, road construction, water conservancy, stonework, and drilling anchor holes in slope support, tunnel support, and foundation pit support. Miniature and lightweight, suitable for places where large and medium-sized rigs cannot enact operations, convenient, and flexible. DTH Drilling Rig adopts electric energy as power, with low noise and strong power.

It uses drilling rigs that drill with a rotary cutter and hammer the bottom of the hole with a pneumatic hammer. The excavated material rises to the surface under the pressure of the compressed air used for the hammer. These drilling rigs are powerful and have high drilling rates, especially in rock.

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DTH Drilling Rigs Machine High Performance
DTH Drilling Rigs Machine High Performance

Parameter of DTH Drilling Rigs

Model YGS100A YGS153 YGS180 YGS300 YGS350
Total Weight 5.95T 3.8T 63T 6.8T 8T
Walking Speed 2.5km/h 2.5km/h 2.5km/h 2.2/3.8km/h 4km/h 2km/h
Diesel Tank Capacity 85L 70L 85L 85L 225L
Shipping Size 6500X2110X 2400mm 4640X1980X 2260mm 6600 X 2110X 2500mm 6600X2220X 2600mm 7600X2350X 2800mm
Drilling Hole Diameter 90-146mm 83-130mm 90-146mm 90-152mm 90-165mm
Power Configuration YCD4R22T-80 YC2108 33kw/2400rpm YCD4R22T-80 55kw YC4DK80-T302 YC4DK100-T304 73.5kw/2200rpm
Highest Horizontal Hole Height  










5. Anchor Drilling Rigs

Anchor Drilling Rig is mainly used for landslides and anchoring projects for dangerous rock masses, and to prevent and control various geological disasters on slopes of hydropower stations, railways, and highways, and is especially suitable for anchoring projects for rock masses on high slopes.

Moreover, it is also used for the support of deep foundation pits in construction cities. Last but not least, including foundation reinforcement engineering holes, blast holes in blasting engineering, and tunnel pipe shed support holes.

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Small Split Anchor Drilling Rig Machine from YG
Small Split Anchor Drilling Rig Machine from YG

Parameter of YG Small Anchor Drilling Rigs

Model YGMG40 YGMG50 YGMG70
Drilling depth 10-60m 25-70m  35-80m
Drilling diameter 90-180mm 90-165mm  90-200mm
Hole angle 0-90° 0-90°  0-90°
Drilling rod diameter 76 x 1500mm 76 x 1500mm

89 x 1500mm

76 x 1500mm

89 x 1500mm

Output rotary speed  90rpm  70rpm  70rpm
Rated output torque  2400N.m   2500N.m   3900N.m
Powerhead max stroke  1800mm  1800mm  1800mm
Max lifting force 25kn  30kn  35kn
Electric power 4KW  22kw  22kw
Dimension 2800*800*1400mm 3000*780*1360mm  3100*1000*1500mm
Weight 1000KG 1260kg  1460kg

6. Backpack Drilling Rigs

The backpack core drilling rigs are mainly suitable for areas with high mountains, inconvenient transportation, and a lack of water sources. The series of backpack drilling rigs have a variety of different power drilling rigs. Different power configurations can be better applied to shallow exploration sampling work in different formations and geological conditions.

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YG Backpack Drilling Machine Best For Sale
YG Backpack Drilling Machine Best For Sale

Parameter of YG Backpack Drilling Rigs

Model YG-20B YG-30B
Drilling diameter Φ46-Φ75 Φ46-Φ108
Drilling depth Within 20m of the soil layer
Within 10m of the rock strata
Within 30m of the soil layer
Within 20m of the rock strata
working geology Soil layer, loose overburden, various rock strata
Water/fuel consumption 10L/hr–0.4-0.5L/hr 15L/hr–0.4-0.5L/hr
Length of the core tube 750mm 750mm
Drill pipe dia/L Φ32mm/750mm Φ32mm/750mm
Drill pipe material/weight 40r/1.5kg 40r/1.5kg
Standard drill bit 2Φ46 diamond drill bits (for hard rock)
Drill bits size Φ46, Φ56, Φ63, Φ75 Φ46, Φ56, Φ63, Φ75, Φ89, Φ108

Drill bit performance

Φ46 soil<20m, rock<10m
Φ75 soil<8m, rock<5m
Φ46 soil<30m,rock<20m
Φ75 soil<20m,rock<10m
Φ108 soil<10m, rock<6m

Water source


Electric water tank (battery) capacity: 25L

External water source or storage bucket for internal combustion water pump
Dimension(mm) 700*600*800 700*700*1500



Engine head 20kg, standard 27 drill pipes 40kg.

Powerhead with drill frame 100kg, water pump 50kg, standard 40 drill pipe 60kg.


Because of the different drilling types, there are different ways to get the drill pipe into the borehole, each with its own advantages. To sum up, you need to be based on the terrain of the drilling area, drilling conditions, drilling depth, hole diameter, coal seam conditions, and drilling angle when you select a drilling rig. In addition, the security, reliability, and usability of the drilling machine are also important factors to consider. Of course, the budget is also an important reason for choosing a drilling rig.

No matter which type of drilling machine you need, we can satisfy your needs. The most important thing is that we can provide customized service according to all your desired parameters. If you are interested in the YG machine, please contact us anytime.

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