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With its portable and efficient performance, the backpack drilling rig has been defined as an indispensable shallow sampling tool by users in the industry after many years of practice. The series of portable core dill machines have a variety of different power drilling rigs. Different power configurations can be better applied to shallow exploration sampling work in different formations and geological conditions. This series of backpack core drilling rigs are mainly suitable for areas with high mountains, inconvenient transportation, and a lack of water sources. Please contact us if you are looking for professional core drilling machine manufacturers. Phone/Whatsapp/Wechat: +86 18337123872

YG-20B backpack drill machine
YG-20B Backpack Drill Machine

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Hot Sell Backpack Drill Rig Specification

Model YG-20B YG-30B
Drilling diameter Φ46-Φ75 Φ46-Φ108
Drilling depth Within 20m of the soil layer
Within 10m of the rock strata
Within 30m of the soil layer
Within 20m of the rock strata
working geology Soil layer, loose overburden, various rock strata
Water/fuel consumption 10L/hr–0.4-0.5L/hr 15L/hr–0.4-0.5L/hr
Length of the core tube 750mm 750mm
Drill pipe dia/L Φ32mm/750mm Φ32mm/750mm
Drill pipe material/weight 40r/1.5kg 40r/1.5kg
Standard drill bit 2Φ46 diamond drill bits (for hard rock)
2Φ46 composite drill bits (for soft rock & soil)
Drill bits size Φ46, Φ56, Φ63, Φ75 Φ46, Φ56, Φ63, Φ75, Φ89, Φ108
Drill bit performance Φ46 soil<20m, rock<10m
Φ75 soil<8m, rock<5m
Φ46 soil<30m,rock<20m
Φ75 soil<20m,rock<10m
Φ108 soil<10m, rock<6m
Water source Electric water tank (battery) capacity: 25L External water source or storage bucket for internal combustion water pump
Dimension(mm) 700*600*800 700*700*1500
Weight Engine head 20kg, standard 27 drill pipes 40kg. Powerhead with drill frame 100kg, water pump 50kg, standard 40 drill pipe 60kg.

What Is A Backpack Drill Machine?

Backpack drilling rigs are also called portable diamond core drill rigs, backpack drill exploration rigs, and handheld core drilling rigs. The backpack core drill is a small sampling drilling machine widely used in plains, mountainous areas, and areas with inconvenient transportation and energy. This portable core drill has the advantages of a compact structure, small footprint, lightweight and convenient movement. The backpack core drill machine is suitable for railway, water conservancy, and other construction projects and geological sampling surveys, geological core drilling, small grouting holes, blasting holes, etc. in outdoor mountainous areas. Backpack drill bits such as diamond, composite sheet, and alloy can be selected according to different formations. If you are ready to buy a backpack drilling machine, please leave a message.

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Features of Backpack Portable Core Drill

The small portable sample core rig is easy to operate and can replace traditional trenching, well exploration, and geophysical and geochemical anomaly verification. And can greatly reduce vegetation damage and protect the ecological environment. YG backpack core drilling rig is an indispensable technical means in shallow geological surveys such as regional geological mapping, geophysical and geochemical sampling, paleomagnetic sampling, and geological disaster prevention. Please feel free to contact us if you want to know more details about our backpack drilling equipment.

YG-20B Backpack Portable Core Drill
YG-20B Backpack Portable Core Drill

Performance of Backpack Drilling Rig

  1. Convenient to carry—the whole standard configuration is light and easy to carry.
  2. Complete accessories — scientific design and orderly parts.
  3. Flexible operation—easy to disassemble and install, simple and easy to use.
  4. Fast drilling—saving time and effort, fast core removal.
  5. A wide range of applications-backpack drilling rigs is suitable for coring work in various complex terrains.
  6. Efficient and durable-special diamond bit, fast drilling speed, and long service life.
YG-50B Backpack Portable Core Drill Equipment Diesel Engine
YG-50B Backpack Portable Core Drill Equipment Diesel Engine

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Backpack Drill Application Fields

  1. Geophysical and geochemical sampling
  2. Regional geological mapping
  3. Mine vein exploration
  4. Mine collection location assessment
  5. Geotechnical engineering inspection
  6. Various blasting holes
Borings for Rock
Borings for Rock

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Nine Aspects of Backpack Drill Rig Operations

1. Drilling preparation:

Choose the topography of the operation, and clarify the division of work of the main and deputy operators. And put the equipment in order. It is better to prepare a 1 square meter plastic sheet as bedding. Keep gasoline and engine oil away from flammable materials. Fill the pressure bottle or sprayer with water, and choose the appropriate drill bit or flushing fluid according to the stratum structure. Then tighten the drill bit to the drill tool. Finally, use the adapter to connect the drill tool with the drill bit and the machine head firmly.

2. Filling up fuel:

Before starting the engine, you must add enough oil to avoid damage to the engine. Use clean, fresh, unleaded gasoline with an octane number of not less than 85. Pour oil into the fuel tank. At the same time, check whether the oil connection between the carburetor and the fuel tank is normal. And then, press the pump oil cap a few times to let the fuel enter the cylinder. Please note that check the oil level before each use, the oil should be changed every 20 hours after the first use, and the oil needs to be filled with good oil. The oil should be changed every 50 hours afterward.

YG-30B Backpack Drill Pipes
YG-30B Backpack Drill Pipes

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3. Start the backpack drill rig:

Turn on the switch to ignite and start the rig (pump oil → push the circuit switch (red button) up → adjust the air door → pull the hand strap to start the machine → open the air door immediately after the main engine starts to → adjust the water volume → drill in the correct posture.

4. Make the hole correctly:

Select the whole surface. Connect the water valve to the bucket to pressurize and pass water, adjust the water volume to the proper flow. And then, ignite the fire. The backpack drill rig is inclined to use the arch of the foot to step on the bottom of the drill pipe. And the foot is as far inward as possible to buckle to prevent slippage during the opening process. Do not open the hole too fast, first open a crescent, and gradually straighten the drill pipe quickly. Drill down vertically. Do not straighten the drill at once to avoid breaking off the drill bit. Requirements: The hole alignment & round, and the core is continuous.

5. Oblique angle operation:

The essentials of oblique hole drilling are similar to the first two, except that the drill pipe needs to be drilled according to the angle of inclination. It is necessary for one person to operate the drill and one person to hold the drill pipe by hand. Drilling requirements for rock drilling at full speed when the rig is turned on: hole alignment, hole circle, and continuous core.

YG-50B Hydraulic Mountain Diamond Core Drilling Rig
YG-50B Hydraulic Mountain Diamond Core Drilling Rig

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6. Deep hole operation

1: Bedrock above 3 meters. Practice: Essentials: According to the principle of one steady, two listening, three watching, and four static, keeping the hole alignment and concentricity consistent, turning the drill pipe and drilling tool forward, choosing different drill bits for different formations, And drilling methods. Requirements: timely judge the situation in the well, and deal with the occurrence of plugging, stuck, dropped, buried, burned, and damaged drill bits.

2: Overburden deep hole exercise: Essentials: the same as the bedrock deep hole, but always pay attention to the casing rotation to prevent hole collapse, block dropping, and casing falling off. Requirements: Follow the pipe to drill into the core.

7. Overlay operation

1: Overlay drill, including 26PDC drilling and 36PDC drilling. Essentials: Light pressure at medium speed, lifting up and down, large water volume. The hole is close to the outer longitude of the drill pipe (the smaller the disturbance, the better).

2: Overburden core practice. Soil sample practice essentials: turn off the water valve and press lightly to drill slowly; core practice essentials: first run the casing into the bedrock, fix the casing, and run the 26 drilling tools to drill with the tube If the core is full or the core is broken, take the core in time.

YG Backpack Drilling Machine For Sale
YG Backpack Drilling Machine For Sale

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8. Tripping and core extraction

Do not back-drill when tripping, and do not immediately shut down and stop drilling suddenly, but

trip at a uniform and slow speed. Because our drilling rig is 1,920 drills per minute, a sudden stop of drilling at such a high speed will cause sticking and drilling (drilling is generally between 800-2000 rpm). Gradually break away from the bottom of the hole and trip out safely. If the core is in the drill tool, remove the adapter and take out the core. If the core is not broken, put down the core remover, and cut the core with a hard protruding part. And then, take it out with a T-wrench. Click here to learn more about backpack core drilling machine details.

9. Finishing work

1: Separate the drilling tool (or drill pipe) from the main engine and place them separately. The operator should put aside the main engine for a period of time, and then wipe it clean after cooling the machine body.
2: Remove the drill bit from the drill tool. When unloading the drill bit, use special pliers to clamp the steel body of the drill bit tightly. It is forbidden to jam the carcass, which is brittle and fragile.
3: Collect drilling data and make drilling records. Observe the use of drill bits, drill tools, drill pipes, and machines, and make records.
4: Clean the backpack drill machine, drill pipe, drill tool, etc. Put the core away.

YG-20B Portable Core Drill Machine Manufacturer
YG-20B Portable Core Drill Machine Manufacturer

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