Characteristics and Application Scope of HDD Drilling Machine

42Ton HDD Machine For Sale

Characteristic of HDD Drilling Machine

  1. The construction craft of the HDD drilling machine is simple. The operability of the HDD drilling rig is strong. And the organization’s implementation difficulty is low. Through the scene reconnaissance, the design passes the pipeline, the connection bit, and the pipeline, the HDD drill machine is in place, then may start the construction.
  2. Green environmental protection, small impact area. No pollution of the environment. No impact on traffic, and little damage to the ground. HDD drilling machines can meet the urban underground pipe network construction’s high environmental protection requirements.
  3. Significant social and economic benefits can reduce the administrative approval of excavation, facilitate construction organization and reduce the overall cost.
  4. Good safety, as a result of the use of pipe construction, construction personnel operating on the ground. So as to avoid the deep foundation pit operation and other adverse construction conditions, and improve the factor of safety.
  5. The quality of the pipeline connection is good. Because the pipeline connection is all on the ground, the single section of the pipeline connection is qualified and the pipe is laid once, which improves the quality of the pipeline connection.
  6. The construction period is short. Compared with the traditional method, the construction period is greatly shortened, there is no need to transport and pile up the soil, only a small amount of mud transportation.
YG Horizontal Directional Drill Machine For Pipeline Installation
YG Horizontal Directional Drill Machine For Pipeline Installation

Scope Of Application

  1. HDD drilling machine is applicable to municipal water supply and drainage construction.
  2. The horizontal directional drilling machine is a kind of trenchless pipe-laying technology, which is suitable for pipe laying across rivers, lakes, buildings, and other obstacles, as well as the construction of a municipal underground pipe network that is not suitable for excavation.
  3. HDD drilling rig is suitable for all kinds of strata without large pebbles, including water-bearing strata. HDD rig is not suitable for the gravel layer but is generally used for the soft soil layer.
  4. The applicable pipe is a steel pipe and PE pipe. The diameter of the pipe is 200-1200 mm, and the maximum length of the pipeline is 1500 M.
  5. The maximum depth of guided drilling is 15m due to the limit of probe depth.

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42Ton HDD Machine For Sale
42Ton HDD Machine For Sale

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