Crawler Rotary Piling Rig Machine For Sale In Philippines

Crawler Rotary Piling Rig Machine For Sale

On April 8, 2023, Austrian customer Lucas purchased 5 sets of YG Machinery’s highly regarded Crawler Rotary Piling Rig Machine. Lucas got to know our company through a friend’s introduction, and he spoke highly of our drilling rig quality, pre-sales, and after-sales service, and technical support. YG Machinery always takes “Excellent Factory, Superior Products, High Quality, Optimal Price” as its service orientation, and has customers all over the world. The most worth mentioning is that the repurchase rate of our drilling rigs is very high, which further proves that our products are very trustworthy.

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Crawler Rotary Piling Rig Machine For Sale
Crawler Rotary Piling Rig Machine For Sale

Crawler Rotary Piling Rig Machine For Sale

YG best selling machine Crawler Rotary Piling Rig Machine is a new type of innovation based on the traditional rotary piling rig, and the high-efficiency drilling rig is more popular among construction engineers. According to different needs, we can customize different sizes, and the technical parameters involved will also be slightly different. You can report your size and relevant technical parameters to us according to your needs, and we will tailor the most suitable drilling rig for you.

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Crawler Rotary Drilling Machine Piling Rig Price
Crawler Rotary Drilling Machine Piling Rig Price


Model YG-5280
Max. Drilling Diameter 2200mm
Max. Drilling Depth 80m
Engine Rated Power 298 kW
Rotary Drive Max. output torque 280kN.m
Rotary speed 7-33r/min

Pull-Down Cylinder

Max. pull-down piston push 190kN
Max. pull-down piston pull 200kN
Max. pull-down piston stroke 6000kN

Main Winch

Max. pulling force 230kN
Max. single-rope speed 51m/min
Diameter of the steel wire rope 40mm

Auxiliary Winch

Max. pulling force 43kN
Max. single-rope speed 55m/min
Diameter of the steel wire rope 20mm





Max. traveling speed 1.8km/h
Min. ground clearance 350mm
Approach angle 38°
Departure angle 31°
Max. grade ability 30%
Overall Drilling Weight 76T
Dimension(Length x Width x Height) 17200×3500×3550mm

Application Of Crawler Rotary Drilling Rig Machine

Crawler Rotary Piling Rig Machine is also called a crawler rotary drilling machine, or pile driver. Crawler Rotary Piling Rig Machine is mainly used in housing construction, high-speed rail catenary support, slope protection piles, urban construction, civil construction, new rural construction, power grid transformation, landscaping, and other engineering projects, and is used for filling piles, continuous walls, foundation reinforcement, and other foundations under construction.

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Best Selling Crawler Rotary Piling Rig Machine Price
Best Selling Crawler Rotary Piling Rig Machine Price

Features Of Crawler Rotary Drilling Rig Machine

1. Special hydraulic telescopic crawler chassis, large-diameter slewing bearing, with super stability and convenient transportation.
2. The engine adopts an internationally renowned brand, with strong power, energy saving, and environmental protection. The three-guarantee service outlets are all over the country.

3. The rear single-rope main winch structure greatly prolongs the life of the wire rope and lowers the use cost.
4. A variety of drill pipe configurations are available, which can meet the construction of large holes and deep piles in hard ground.
5. The matching of the whole machine is reasonable, and the key components adopt stable, reliable, and high-performance international famous brands. Such as imported hydraulic motors, imported electrical components, etc.
6. The drill pipes are all made of high-strength alloy high-quality pipes, which ensures the dimensional accuracy, excellent mechanical properties, and welding adaptability of the drill pipes. The special steel pipe (such as the core section steel pipe) is subjected to a secondary strengthening heat treatment, which greatly improves the torsional performance of the drill pipe.
7. The single-rope main winch is adopted to prevent the rope from being messed up, which effectively solves the problem of wire rope wear and effectively improves the service life of the wire rope; and the main winch is equipped with a drilling depth detection device, and the single-layer rope is wound to make the depth detection more accurate. The main winch has the function of “follow-up and lowering” to ensure the drilling speed, is synchronized with the wire rope, and is easy to operate.

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Middle Size Crawler Rotary Drilling Machine
Middle Size Crawler Rotary Drilling Machine


If you happen to be looking for a good quality Crawler Rotary Piling Rig Machine, then the YG Crawler Rotary Piling Rig Machine is the best choice for you. G Crawler Rotary Piling Rig Machine has earned the trust of customers all over the world for its innovative design, ease of use, and most importantly safety.

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